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Classes and Presentations

Over the years, I have been extremely fortunate to have taught numerous courses and presentations, on music education and learning theory, for many different universities, in addition to presentations at local, state, and national conferences. I am particularly interested in the role that the study of music has upon the acquisition of skills and concepts in other content areas. I also enjoy helping "non-musical" classroom teachers discover that they are capable of providing meaningful musical experiences for their students.

Some of my presentations focus on:

  • The use of Howard Gardner's Theory of the Multiple Intelligences to enhance learning. (I've taught courses for the Institute on the Study of the Multiple Intelligences at the University of California, Riverside since 1992.)
  • Applications of the Orff Schulwerk approach to music education as an instructional tool in the self-contained elementary classroom.
  • The importance of music in our society and guidance to teachers wishing to incorporate the arts into their curriculum. I developed the music curriculum for the Class Act Program of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra for three years.
  • The role of arts technology in the classroom. While I've always enjoyed technology, there are both positive and negative elements (technology is NOT the answer to all of education's problems) for its use in our schools. Finding appropriate applications for all of the new tools available, particularly as it relates to music education and creativity, is one of my areas of interest.

Quick Links

Greetings teachers! You may click on the following to visit pages that contain copies of the notes/handouts provided during your presentation along with additional supplemental materials (such as the PowerPoint presentation). Please note that these materials are strictly for educational purposes and under no circumstances are they to be given to others. In addition, you must will be required to supply the username and password given to you during the presentation in order to access them.


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