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Music Stuff

Perhaps you're interested in music stuff . . . that's cool, so do I! I'll be placing a few fun things here for your enjoyment.

No bucks but want to make some music? No problem, here are a few goodies to get you started!

Musical Instruments

I've now created a new section of this site that is devoted to various musical instruments (mostly unpitched percussion and other fun toys).

Take a look as this page grows. . .

Cool Toys!

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl - this link will take you to a page of a video that was taken VERY QUICKLY of my latest toy - a Tibetan Singing Bowl. Please note that this video was not edited and was taken with a digital camera. I did NOT use a camcorder! In addition, I held the camera with one hand and played the bowl with the other. No attempt, at all, was made to play this well as both hands would have been required! Just the same, enjoy!
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