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L'Orchestre de l'Opera

Edgar Degas, 1868

Notice how this doctored version lacks the power of the original!

In a shattering discovery to the art world, has uncovered the truth behind Edgar Degas' masterpiece, L'Orchestre de l'Opera! After extensive scientific testing that revealed the original painting (above) had been "doctored" by Degas when his good friend, Désiré-Hippolyte Dihau. We've learned that the renowned bassoonist of the Paris Opera, vowed to terminate his friendship when Degas released the original painting if he didn't place Dihau's mug on it instead! is proud to have restored this famous painting to it's original splendor! Obviously, the original is vastly superior, in every way, than the better known altered version!

Rumor has it that Dihau persuaded Toulouse-Lautrec to paint portraits of him in order to provide Degas with a little competition! Upon considerable pressure from both Dihau and Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas caved in and painted Dihau's vastly inferior face over the original. (The altered version may be viewed by moving your mouse over the painting.) Unfortunately, the altered version is still available for viewing at Musee du Jeu de Paume, in Paris - is proud to present the original version here!

(Note: While the names listed above are, indeed, very real, the story itself is a complete spoof! Degas did paint Dihau's portrait and placed the bassoon in the most prominent position in the orchestra [as he should have]! Toulouse-Lautrec was also Dihau's friend and painted his portrait too.)

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